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  For a band this means… For a busker this means…
Rehearsing getting together in a soundproof room to play songs over and over again, until you know them by heart and they sound great The same stuff you do on the street, but now in your bedroom
Gig Performing for a paying crowd at a club or venue short for giggle. What girls do when they point at you and call you names
Guitar-solo The instrumental center piece of many songs, featuring virtuoso licks and tapping on an expensive Gibson, while the crowd goes wild and starts demonstrating their air guitar skills When you forget the words to a song and just play the chords until you remember them
Fan Someone who worships you and your music and pays a serious amount of money to prove this a device that blows air around and is hit by shit on a regular basis
groupie a hot chick who wants to sleep with you just because you were on stage Something that only exists in dreams or legends, like unicorns and fairies
recording Committing your songs to tape or hard disk in an expensive studio before they are released on an album that will sell a million copies someone who uses his cellphone to film the street where you happen to be singing
hit when one of your songs is played on every radio and is legally downloaded so many times it hits number one in the charts (1) a famous song of which you play an irrecognisable cover version

(2) What you get in your face for doing (1)