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Don’t say

Instead say

  • I try to play folk, but people say I suck at it.
  • I play anti-folk.
  • I have to embarass myself on a daily basis playing on the street.
  • I love the freedom and the possibility to express and share my art with the world.
  • I have written some songs myself, but I don’t dare to play them because they are crap.
  • Right now I’m playing covers, because it’s better to learn from the masters before I start on my magnum opus.
  • I screwed up because I don’t know the lyrics/chords/melody to the song you requested.
  • I like to freestyle and improvise on the songs of other artists to lift them up from mediocrity.
  • I still live with my parents and must busk to pay the rent for my own bedroom
  • It’s great to be able to provide for my family doing the thing I like most.

  • I actually graduating from the conservatory, but since I can’t find any work, I have to busk not to starve.
  • Yes, I’m a professional classical musician, but I was fed up with that elitarian crap and decided to busk as a form of protest.
  • I know it sounds tempting to go busking, little nephew, but just say no if you want to make something of your life.
  • Busking is not for everyone: it takes talent, courage, drive and ambition. You think you can make that kind of commitment?
  • I crave for some female affection, because I haven’t had sex in months.
  • The next song is for all you lonely ladies out there.
  • I lost all hope of possible stardom after my first 2 hours of busking.
  • I don’t trust record companies, so I try not to get involved with them, difficult as it may be in my position.