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The Busker’s Handbook Tested By Humo Journalist

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, I know, apart from some tombleweeds blowing around, this blog seems dead, but now I feel obliged to add a post. Just to show off in fact.

“The Busker’s Handbook” was actually put to the test by a journalist, trying to survive as a busker in Antwerp (my hometown). And what do you know… he survived!

He wrote a nice article about it in Humo, Belgium’s most famous hipster magazine. Method-acting Journalist Serge Simonart even included some of my jokes (you’re welcome). He also referred to this blog as being “hilarious”, which is a bit weird, since I promote it as “the world’s most depressing music blog”.

Anyway… I hereby claim the usefulness of my “Busker’s Handbook” as proven!