The Busker’s income (or lack of)

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Read "The Busker's Handbook"

Pennies from heaven

You’re bound to collect coins, buttons, bottle caps, condoms, spit, … while busking.

The amount of money isn’t similar to it’s weight. You can’t measure you’re income by weighing your money, because it all comes down to how many banknotes people threw in. In fact, considering this: the less it weighs the better!

How to recognise potential sponsors

Small children are always a suckers for a busker

Parents give them some money and encourage them to give it to you.

This is a form of training in assertiveness. When they dare to come close to a bum like you, they’re probably ready to face the world.


buying a pack of cigarets with pieces of one cent is not amusing to the shop owner, nor to the other costumers.

Your hard earned coins can be used in coke vending machines, parking meters (that’s actually a good idea, because nobody can force you to leave if you’re busking on rented space), condom machines (but why would you need any?) and for good luck when thrown in fountains.

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