Other busking do’s and don’t’s (again mostly don’t’s)

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Read "The Busker's Handbook"

Miscellaneous do’s and don’t’s

  • Don’t use sheet music. It makes you look like another conservatory student destined to become a loser without a musical career.

  • A harmonica around your neck doesn’t make you the next Bob Dylan. Even if you play it as lousy as he does.

  • Don’t expect people to sing-a-long. You’re not a karaoke machine and nobody asked you to play.

  • Don’t try to sing louder than the background noise of shopping people and traffic. It just won’t work, you sound desperate for attention and you will ruin your already mediocre voice and thereby your only source of income.

  1. jeri lee says:

    what about bsuking with a karaoke machine? what’s the best way to do that since i don’t have a band and can’t play well enough on any instrument.

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