Other (as in REAL) Jobs for Buskers

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Read "The Busker's Handbook"
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A lonesome but honest days work, with the assurance of getting paid and the possibility to use your talent to scare away an audience, or in this case birds.

Sandwich man

you won’t be able to play the guitar, but you get a cool bell that’s a lot louder. Your song repertoire expands thanks to some catchy company slogans.

Show-and-tell subject/experience expert

teaching kids the importance of a good education and giving a first hand review of what life is like without one.

Street sweeper

you get to spend the day in your favourite streets. You aren’t even required to sing while sweeping and you still get paid. In addition, you can even clean up the mess you left after busking, providing yourself and other buskers with clean streets.

Street Santa

this job is limited in time, but has its advantages: you get a warm costume, acquaintances don’t recognize you, people give more money if you fool them into thinking they’re donating for charity, you are allowed to sing Christmas carrols and any song that has “Hohoho” in it.


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