Dealing with the law

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Read "The Busker's Handbook"

When cops come up to you, here are some strategies (outright lies) to avoid ID-check or being arrested for begging.

  • I’m collecting money for charity

  • I’m (insert name of famous musician that kind of looks like you) and I just want to keep in touch with my roots

  • We’re shooting a video for my latest album. Would you like to extra?

  • I was just given this guitar by a bum who saw you guys coming and ran away

  • I just found all this stuff. Can I keep it?

  • My girlfriend lives across the street and I’m singing a serenade

  • I’m an undercover writer and my next book will be about life as a hobo and the subsequent harrasment by police officer

  • I just soiled myself

  • I’m member of a gay, handicapped and/or religious minority


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