10 facts about buskers that will make you humble

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Read "The Busker's Handbook"

  1. A busker doesn’t need a band name, nor a nickname, for he is a nobody.
  2. The most famous busker is a naked cowboy in the streets of New York. Do we have to point out he’s not famous for his music? Not only is he the most famous busker, he’s also the only famous busker!
  3. People consider buskers on the street as flees on a otherwise nice dog.
  4. Showing of musical skills isn’t what being a busker is about. It’s about surviving by living of scraps people throw at you for singing simple songs they like.
  5. There is only 1 chance in 4 billion that busking will be the start of an international carreer as a performer (of course the only thing you’re thinking now is “there is a chance!”)
  6. Nobody applaudes for a busker.
  7. People don’t walk the street because someone is singing there, but in spite of.
  8. You’re parents will never mention you or your activities to other people again.
  9. Friends who happen to walk by will either willingly ignore you or just think you’re someone who only looks like you, because they don’t expect you to have sink so low.
  10. Busking is not considered to be eroticising by any psychological survey.
  1. […] not all street performers are buskers. Busking is specific to musical performance. Take a look at this post from the blog “The Busker’s Handbook,” which lists 10 facts about buskers that […]

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